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How to catch Imposters on facebook

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Facebook face recognition tool is a great tool, that can help curtail or help catch impersonators on Facebook. A lot of people complain about impersonation on Facebook. That is, people are using their pictures to scam people on Facebook for their own selfish interest.

However, very few people are aware of this tool called facebook face recognition and how it can help them curtail the spread of impersonation on Facebook.

The first time I set up the face recognition, which is very easy to set up. A user of Facebook uploaded my picture on his wall without tagging me on the photo, I instantly got a notification from Facebook notifying me about the development. I visited the page where the picture was uploaded. Lo and behold, it was actually an old photo of me. 

Therefore, whenever if an unknown person on Facebook tries to upload any of your pictures or videos on their profile or page without your knowledge or consent, you will be notified instantly, and if the pictures are used for fraudulent activities you can start creating awareness about page posting your pictures by warning people about the page. Most times, we may not be aware of people trying to impersonate you, which is why facebook face recognition is the way out.


Without a doubt, face recognition is a great way to detect spammers. who is trying to impersonate you with your pictures or videos on Facebook without your consent or permission?

This can easily be done through the setting. You should stop complaining about people impersonating you on Facebook. While you can easily set up the Facebook face recognition and bring down or persecute any fraudulent activities linked to your pictures. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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