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Yomi Fabiyi Expresses Concern About The Relationship Between D'banj And The Rape Accuser Before Now

joyousnews 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has asked some questions about the rape allegations made by Seyitan Babatayo against singer D'banj.

At an Instagram stand, Yomi Fabiyi called for caution and advised against drawing conclusions in this case until a full investigation has been conducted.

She also complained that the case had reached the media without any evidence.

He said: "While I am happy that the law enforcement agencies are working on the 'iambangalee' case with Seyi Babatayo, as an adult, as a member of the voting public, as an artist and as a human rights defender, I will be happy for the investigation to uncover some facts before drawing conclusions. All parties involved have the right to be heard and investigated in this matter.

"The violation and its devastating effects on the victims are enormous, but since the case has just reached the media and there is no clear evidence (which gives rise to serious caution until overwhelming evidence/investigation comes to light), the worst thing we have to fear is that society in general will find itself wanting to draw conclusions based on MEDIA. RAPE will win because it could weaken other serious victims to come forward and get proper justice in the future. My curiosity is:

I. Was there a relationship between Dbanj and the prosecutor before the hotel incident? What kind?

II. Was there any prior communication between them before Dbanj arrived at the hotel? What was the conversation?

III How did Dbanj know that the Prosecutor was at the hotel and how did he know the room number?

IV. How did Dbanj get into the prosecutor's room?

V. Did you learn that it was an illegal entry, did anyone in the hotel confirm this and did you hear any noise or violence?

VI. In the event of a physical overload, was ammunition used and was there any bruising or damage to the hotel property or the Prosecutor's personal effects? What and where are they?

VII. Was there a police report or a lawsuit against THE HOTEL for breach of trust, customer service, and injury then or now?

VIII. Why did Seyitan not involve the management of the hotel? The stakes are high, telling the truth will help the investigation...

IX. The entire report on the illegal arrest of the Prosecutor is in the hands of the police and not Dbanj. Suppose you demanded that the police respect the prosecutor's fundamental rights, why didn't you sue the police?

X.      Etc

I am glad that Nigerians have stood up strongly against Rape, it is a scourge we do not want in our society.

Source: opera.com
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