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Sunday Morning Prayer: Say This Prayer To Break Every Evil Covenants And Curses Against Your Life

Travis02 06/28/2020

Lord by your blood, I break and destroy every evil covenant of death entered against me now in Jesus Name.

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In thy Mighty name of Jesus I nullify and the destroy the evil covenant of unfruitfulness  working against me now in Jesus name.

Every curse/covenant of struggle released and instituted to frustrate my life, in the name of Jesus Christ break and be destroyed now by fire.

Oh you curse/covenant of error and rejection fashioned against my Marital destiny, break and die now by fire and thunder in Jesus name.

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O generational covenants/curses draining my health and glory instalmentally, enough is enough; in the name of Jesus be destroyed now by fire

O ancestral covenants meant to keep me perpetually in the cycle of poverty and emptiness, your time is up; in the name of Jesus break and scatter now by fire.

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I released fire now to consume every shrine and altar that is strengthening the wicked activities of evil covenants/curses to frustrate my life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus for I know you have answered my prayers, in Jesus most powerful name I pray! Amen

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