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Forget about backside or having curves; if a lady doesn't have these things then she is worthless

Invincibility01 06/29/2020

Girls of nowadays are more sensitive to their self beauty and forget about making a good plan for their life.

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This has affected their mentally that they think if you're not thick and heavily endowed then you're not fit.

Majority of people we see having this big butt and boobs are Artificial(Surgery) and it has its side effects

Time will tell and the beauty will fade off when they're in their 60's because old age will claim its right and all the huge and big stuff will be condensed.

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The greatest thing a lady can have is:

Respect: A respectful lady have a happy life to live because she will be more cherish amidst her colleague. Some says what is the usefulness of being respectful without beauty but I tell you having beauty with no courtesy is nothing.

A well decent lady doesn't need to showcase/ sell herself cheap to men all in the sake of money and sex but when you're dress and look decent you'll be more respected.

A lady that is jovial is loved by everybody because they finds her friendly. It also gives room for responsible men to come closer to them

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It is how you showcase yourself, men will take you.

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Top Comments
Invincibility · 06/29/2020
Good point
DockBaloyi · 06/29/2020
but why she's not married already

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