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NDLEA have unveil some drug dealer in Kano State

Kadaraallahu 06/26/2020

NDLEA have unveil some drug dealer in Kano State

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NDLEA has unveiled some drug dealers in Kano

Drug trafficking in Kano has increased, according to NDLEA

NDLEA commander in Kano State, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul, says they have successfully seized 7,873,937 kilograms of drugs.

The NDLEA branch in Kano State has arrested 16 of the 565 suspected drug and drug trafficking victims

The Kano State Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has said that there has been an increase in the use of intoxicants in the state since the closure of the law due to the outbreak of Corona.

The announcement was made by NDLEA Commander in Kano, Dr Ibrahim Abdul, while speaking to reporters at the annual World Anti-Drug Use Convention held on June 26th.

Abdul said NDLEA successfully seized drugs worth 7,873,937 kilograms.

He said NDLEA seized 1.2 tonnes of narcotic drugs including 4,374.629 kilograms of narcotics and 80 kilograms of cocaine.

" One of our biggest successes is finding some of the top drug dealers by our officers. We have arrested one woman and one male, we have been caught with 100 pounds of cocaine ," Abdul said.

Abdul said the NDLEA officials had seized a car with 283kg of lead.

He said the vehicle was caught in Wudil Local Government Area on its way to Bauchi State.

He also said NDLEA officials have again successfully seized a 223kg high-speed wagon on the Kano-Zaria highway.

He said NDLEA branch in Kano had arrested 16 of the 565 suspected drug and drug trafficking victims.

The commander said they are facing a shortage of officers, traffic vehicles, and other equipment, especially for officers to undergo a disciplinary training.


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