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Who is plotting to destabilize Ohanaeze Ndigbo?

ObinnaPat 06/29/2020


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Igbo people

It started with the sudden emergence of a group that identified itself as Igbo For A Progressive Nigeria (IPAN), few days ago; an absurdity of a group which started off, predictably, by attacking the Dr. Nnia Nwodo led Ohanaeze Ndigbo and promising, in their apparent delusion, to present what they say is the "true Igbo position" in Nigeria. 

But the group and its sponsors were quickly identified and their agenda blown open on various social media platforms, forcing them to abandon the dead-on-arrival project. However, it would appear that the sponsors of the same group, having been called out, have decided to take another route in their attempt to destabilize the revered institution of Ohanaeze, which under the leadership of Nwodo has, more than ever before, continued to speak up for Ndigbo, even as it is leading the push for the much needed restructuring of the Nigerian polity. 

On Monday, news broke to the effect that another group of apparently sponsored renegades have formed what they called Ohanaeze Ndigbo General Assembly, and registered same with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The group which now parades as parallel Ohanaeze, is said to be led by a certain unknown figure identified as Basil Onyeachonam and has the traditional ruler of Igbariam community in Anambra East council of Anambra State, Nkeli Nzekwe, as chairman of its board of trustees (BoT). In their delusion, they are promising to ensure security in Southeast and fight for 2023 Igbo presidency. But of course, their real agenda appear all too obvious.

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Nnia Nwodo

First, the idea of a sociocultural group without executive powers and with no standing security outfit under its control wanting to provide security is all too absurd. Not less assured is their promise to fight for Igbo presidency in 2023. But it's agenda which easily gives them away as a group of political jobbers seeking to tag onto the name of Ohanaeze to pursue personal political interests. 

Since Ohanaeze has become a strong rallying point of the Igbo in their quest, alongside other well-meaning Nigerians, for a restructured polity, which will only ensure the reversal of Nigeria's gradual descent into anarchy, it has become exigent for the supporters of the status quo; the political hawks, to do all they can to destabilize Ohanaeze. And what other ways to do it than to push phantom idea of Igbo presidency. These are social misfits, men of cheap virtue who are ever willing to betray their kind, and the collective aspirations of their people for a pot of porridge. But they have always failed and will continue to fail. 

Ohanaeze Ndigbo remains one strong, united body whose president general is Chief Nnia Nwodo, and whose BoT Chairman is non other than the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe. Nwodo's five-year tenure ends in early 2021, after which, the leadership of Ohanaeze shifts to Imo State in line with the rotational leadership of the institution. 

Nwodo and Ohanaeze have the backing of all true sons and daughters of Igbo land, including elected political leaders - not imposed ones. Those who are floating the so called splinter group of Ohanaeze will soon realize they are only doing a huge disservice to themselves and generations. And if they are wise enough, they should find out what became of those who played such ignoble roles in the past.

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Top Comments
ObinnaNwagbara_01 · 06/29/2020
As usual Ndigbo themselves are their own enemies and they influence and invite their enemies to come and kill their own people believing that they are wise.
+234-703958**** · 06/30/2020
every Igbo person will like to do that because we don't have an ohanaeze we only have evil people who is protecting their interest forgotten that they are bring destruction on their children what a longer throught to so called ohanaeze it is high time we are going to stop this madness for our people because they are the problem that we are having in the east.
EmekaOnuoha_03 · 06/29/2020
you do not war against a curse set of people that are against the unity of Igboland, an appointment of wrath awaits them. would they not live to reap the evil seed they try to sow! somebody closer to the traditional ruler should educate him of the implications of being a cursed agent of destabilization. he should desist immediately. and for the others, the wrath of man and God awaits them at the point of any further move to carry on with this devilish plan.
+234-803641**** · 06/29/2020
They hv started....

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