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A Father Was Disappointed in His Daughter Being Pregnant, Until He Saw The Man Responsible.(FICTION)

Dennis619 06/29/2020

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See what you have done to this family, you have dragged this family's name to the mould. How will I face my council members, I told your mother one day, you will disgrace the whole of this family.

Now you have gotten pregnant for a man for a man you do not know.

Father, I am sorry but Mike said that he love me and will take responsibility of our baby. He said that he would come tomorrow to see you and mama.

"Shut up your mouth, what do you know about responsibility. You don't know his family, you don't know where he lives and you claim you know him. Do you even know his name". Her father said.

She replied, "His name is Mike and he promise to come to our house to see us". "Pray he does not step his leg in my house or else, I will cut off his head" her father interrupted.

So you think I will let you bring a smoker or a criminal into my house. "Papa joy, take it easy on your daughter, she is just a child". Her mom said. Then Her father scream at his wife "If she is still a child, how did she get pregnant then".

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Then came the D-day when Mike came to see joy parents with a convoy and security personnels. He approached joy's father and greeted him and joy's father nodded, asking him who he was.

Mike replied "I'm Mike and I am the one responsible for your daughter pregnancy". Oh! is that so." Joy father said.

Mike then told joy's father that he has promised to take care of his daughter during this period and he will come to collect his baby after delivery.

"How dare you come to my house and say such nonsense". joy's dad said. Mike then added that he will give her the sum of N80,000,000 for all her trouble and for her to continue her studies. Do you mean what you just said, come an have a seat my son and let's talk man to man.

I can see you are a very humble and respectful man and my daughter is right for you. "Thank you papa, but what I would not want to hear is, if there is any miscarriage" Mike said.

My Son-in-law don't say that, she will deliver your child, but if there is any form of miscarriage then " Give my daughter Belle again!!!"

Indeed money can move all mountains. Do you think the decision made by Joy's Father is the best. Drop your opinion on the comment section below.

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+256-77239**** · 06/30/2020
My friends from Nigeria u can create good stories to make us relax our minds
EmmanuelAdebanjo_01 · 06/30/2020
give my daughter Belle again...
GUEST_y4wDV43a7 · 06/30/2020
i have another daughter
ChritimothyOtim · 07/1/2020
Money make everything easier

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