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Hushpuppi: Exclusive Details of How He Scammed 2million People and How He Was Caught in Dubai

PerezWrites 06/25/2020

The fraud case of popular Instagram celebrity Ramon Abass AKA Hushpuppi has received another heads up as the Dubai Police released a video clip of how Hushpuppi and his gang were arrested in their hotels in Dubai.

Details in the video showed that Hushpuppi had defrauded close to 2million people before nemesis caught up with him.

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How Hushpuppi and His Team Worked

According to reports from the Dubai Police Headquarters, Hushpuppi and his team of scammers were known for creating fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims’ payments to their own accounts. As soon as this is done, they clear off the money and simply look out for other funding initiatives from companies abroad so they can restrategize.

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How Dubai Police Caught Them

The international fraud case wouldn’t have been solved if not for the Dubai Police’s reputable professionalism and patience which made them wait for about 4 months before Hushpuppi and 10 other members of the scam ring were caught.

After months of investigations and monitoring their social media accounts, their whereabouts and fraudulent activities were discovered and this hastened up their arrest days ago. It took the Dubai Police 6 raids carried out simultaneously while the suspects were sleeping in their Dubai residences to discreetly cover up tracks and close in on the scammers.

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Hushpuppi claimed to be a ‘successful businessman’ on his social media handles and whenever he had time to talk to his ever-growing followers on social media.

After his arrest, the Commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police, Abdulla Khalifa Al Mani said “the arrest of Hushpuppi, Woodberry and 10 other gang members involved in money laundry and other cyber-activities is another achievement added to the proud record of Dubai Police in ensuring the Emirate’s security and safety”.

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Full Details of Items and Monies Recovered

21 Laptops

47 Smartphones

15 Flashdrives with about 200,000 files.

13 luxury cars worth 2million Dirhams ($450million)

150million Dirhams

2million victims

AfterMath of Hushpuppi’s Embarrassing Show of Shame

The arrest of fraudsters like Hushpuppi and Woodberry who scam people and companies of millions of dollars will always rub off on the image of the country among other nations of the world. Many Nigerians who are abroad looking for opportunities to work and earn legitimate money will be sidelined because of the embarrassing acts of fraudsters who show off their spoils on social media. The reputation of the average Nigerian is at stake right now and it may be the same for a long time.

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Hopefully, Nigerians can stop cyber-fraud and embrace legitimacy in their earnings instead of scamming people and pushing victims to their early graves.

Source: opera.com
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malumecoolcat · 06/25/2020
put this pig in jail heart fullish Nigerian scammer. that's the only thing they do best idiot
D-Realistic · 06/26/2020
🙅U are all already there before every one else if u gat sense u could have understand with common sense as a human being, that even your people are the worst ever who them catch be thief but who them no catch no be thief u gas are lazy, murderers, killers that have so much blood in your/ur people's hands that is already speaking against u people and ur gene. and you are here claiming the holiest S.A, meaning u and your people are thief, murderers killers with so much blood in your hands speaking against u already so what is different from this, even ur own judgement curse to u S.A as much blood and wickedness have in ur hands don't worry they will soon come to u people soonest aha!😕 uhun
EstherItota · 06/26/2020
they would come to social media and then turn to motivational speakers, making the average man thinks he isn't working hard enough
NACKSONN · 06/25/2020
and wen somebody questioned his source of wealth, he nearly cursed the person, and talking like he was clean

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