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Men! make your wives hungry for you

Joycespeaks 06/29/2020

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When a man sees his fellow man proposing to a lady, he'll start having wishing he was the one.

You'll see a man looking very good,well dressed waiting for his charming princess,when he's now certain and convinced that she's the right one for him,he propose,start courtship and wait for the D.DAY. When he's finally married ,he's daily routine becomes an enemy if it's not well nurtured it may bring chaos and problem to the home why because there's no set goals and objectives.

  Let your Marriage not be an atmosphere for sadness, anger and Moody state, bring happiness into your home and make way for your spouse to enjoy and want you daily.

1) Appreciate her:Some Men don't appreciate their wives,no matter the amount of strength she puts in he doesn't still see.A little thank you can go a long way.

Learn to appreciate and praise her for the little things she has done it will urge her to do more.

2.Love; Men please learn to love your wife.verbalise and practicalise it.dont let her beg for love please,if she doesn't get to hear it often from you who will she hear it from?

3) Give her listening ears: Some Men are something else.they want to be the actor and boost of the house,he doesn't one to seek other people's opinion.Once he decides to do a particular thing he does that without considering the the wife or looking out for the wife opinion or support.please learn to listen to her she might save you from unforseen happenings.

4). Communicate often:Men learn to communicate as often as possible with your wife.gist,talk,play and gossip together,don't be a workaholic. No matter how tight your schedule is, please have a little time talk with her.gist about your day,do small amebo together.

5) Take Responsibilities:Men please accept your Responsibilities and take of them.Remember you're the head of the home,don't let your neck Carry everything alone else she will soon break off.Most Women that disrespect their husbands is because some men aren't getting up to their responsibilities. Is not bad for her to help but please don't leave everything for her to handle in order to maintain her self worth.

6. Practice Cleanliness: Men please master the act of being clean and neat always, it's not meant for only ladies but a call on all of us, remember cleanliness is next to Godliness.Some men do wear one boxer for one to two weeks,some too repeat one singlet for one week,they sweat into it and repeat it again again the next day and you ask why shouldn't have body odour?Please we have nice deodorants is not until you go for the most expensive ones.please try to eradicate body odour, mouth odour and bad breathe please.

7. Let her feed her eyes on your body;you shouldn't be the only one making first move for sexual purposes.Open up and free yourself for her, wear clean and attractive boxers/house wear,take your bath regularly.allow her to express how she feel towards you and give her the room to do so.

8). Have quite moment together:take yourselves out,have fun, make it memorable like that of your COURTSHIP moment

9. Surprise her:You shouldn't wait for her love language to be receiving gift before you get her a gift and you shouldn't also wait for special days/festive season before you do so.Anytime/anywhere you see beautiful things please get for her don't forget she's looking good for you and you're the one receiving accolades for a job well done

10). Pray:Learn the act of praying often and praying together. All others aren't achieveable without prayers.learn to Pray for each other and with each other and you'll see the impossible becoming possible in your home.

Please men be spiritual and also be romantic,the amount of effort you put in your religious life please do same in your marital and romantic life,who no like better thing




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