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As Lionel Messi Celebrates His Birthday Today, Check Out His Career Stats

IgboGreatest123 06/24/2020

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Today The greatest of all the time, Lionel Messi turns 33years old. He is sometimes called the small g of 'god of soccer', some call him a spirit, some call him Magical Messi, anything you call him, just know that he is the greatest footballer of all time.

Some clubs in their entire existence even before Leo Messi was born, have not equal his achievement and it will take another generation to have someone as good as The Magical Messi.

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Let's take a look at his overall stats:

Lionel Messi was born on 24th June 1987 and he is 33 years of age today. He was born in Argentina before moving to Barcelona, Spain.

Messi has won numerous awards than any other player on earth. His award includes;

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(1) He has won 6X The Best FIFA Men's Player.

(2) 6X Winner Balloon d'Or

(3) 2X UEFA Best Player In Europe.

(4) 19X Top Scorer

(5) 10X Player Of The Year.

(6) 4X Champions League Winner.

(7) 10X Spanish Champion.

(8) 6X Spanish Cup Winner.

(9) 8X Spanish Super Cup Winner.

(10) 3X FIFA Club World Cup Winner.

(11) 1X Under-20 World Cup Champion.

(12) 3X UEFA Super Cup Winner.

(13) 1X Olympic Medalist.

(14) 1X Spanish League Cup Winner.

(15) 10X Player Of The Year.

(16) Messi has scored over 600 goals and over 250 assists.

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One last shock; Messi has never received a red card in his entire club career, however, he has received just 2 red cards while playing for his country.

Happy Birthday to the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi. Please share.

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