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Osama Bin Laden Was A Holy Man And A Matryr - Paskistan PM

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According to popular news agency, Fox News, on a news update posted on Friday, June 26,2020; they stated that Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan, has stirred up controversy by saying former Al Qaeda terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, was a holy man and a martyr.

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Fig: Osama bin Laden

The Pakistani PM made the comment in the Pakistani parliament as he was describing the history of Pakistan's troubled relations with United States of America since American special forces killed bin Laden in 2011 in the northern city of Abbottabad, Saudi Arabia.

"The Americans came to Abbottabad and murdered a holy man and a martyr," PM Khan said.

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Fig: Imran Khan

It'll Interest you to know that martyrs are greatly respected in Islam and the term is generally used for people who died or are killed while in the service of the religion, or in formidable circumstances.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The prime minister was heavily criticized from opposition forces and observers for making such a speech. Also, the prime minister's office did not immediately issue a statement according to the criticism, but some of his loyalists described the Prime Minister's words as a "Slip of tongue".

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