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How to make guys go crazy over you

Jineus 06/24/2020

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1. Give Him Some Competition

We want what we can’t have; this is certainly true when it comes to love. It may seem silly making him jealous, but if you want him to chase you, he needs to see other men clamoring for a chance to date you. The key here is not telling him about the guy who hit on you at the mall. Instead he needs to see men making you smile and blush. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When he sees you engaged with a guy, he’ll want you that much more. Men get tensed seeing their love engaging talks with other guys. If you do it much he might leave you so be careful how you want it to be done. If you do it right he will chase you like no tomorrow.

Don’t Forget Your Friends

Sometimes women tend to focus more on dating than maintaining their friendships. This is a big no-no. Schedule a regular girls night no matter what your dating situation is. This will also keep you busy, and will keep you from texting him. You’ll maintain the friendships you had before this man came along. You’ll let him know you have priorities other than men and work. This would make him miss you more and want you in his life dearly. Guys tends to fall for women who has their life going before and during the relationship. He adores the fact that you have a big heart to accommodate everybody.

3 Always Keep Him Chasing You

Even when you call him your man, don’t forget you always want to keep the chase on. It’s easy to fall into a routine in a relationship. But complacency can kill your happiness. Keep your man guessing what’s going to happen next; surprise him occasionally. Be your flirty self and continually remind him you’re worth his efforts. Remember that in order to keep you interested your man will have to do the same. We all enjoy a little chase. Don't fall into long term relationship problems, always act like your relationship is new, remember to always try to keep things fresh. Don't just give all into the relationship at once. Release your attractive traits one by one at a time. This will keep him guessing what to expect next.

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