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How I nearly Died Because A Doctor Told me I have Kidney Inflammation But All Was a Lie

Joynews 06/25/2020

On 2019, after my industrial training, I went back to school to gain higher national diploma. Things were moving fine untill one day I fall sick, I thought it was just malaria and typhoid. Before the sickness, my elder has already told me that their pastor revealed to her I will fall sick and if am not careful, I will lose my life. I thought it was a joke because I don’t believe it prophecy. 

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So, I started treatment but all the medication seems to be ineffective; I went to a lab test, when the test results came out, I tested positive for to malaria and typhoid. I continue my treatment but all efforts put, there was no improvement. 

My mum was so worried, she asked me to come back home, so she can take care of me, I couldn’t, because I was writing my first semester exam. I told her I will be fine. 

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After the first semester exam, the sickness became worse, I can’t walk without feeling pain at my back. So I went to hospital. When I reached hospital, the doctor in-charge conduct medical test and Scan. Seeing the results, it shocked me. The doctors told me I have Kidney inflammation. I wept. I thought my life is over, never do I know God has a better plan for me.

I started treatment, I now feel better than before, after some weeks, the Symptoms became worse; I went back to hospital, but the hospital was on strike. I changed hospital. Reaching there, they conducted another test on me. The results came out negative; the doctor told me; I am medically okay. he prescribed drugs for me. But I didn’t feel better. 

All these temptations make me feel bad because we about to resume for second semester and I am still battling with my life. As God may have it, my school went on 3 months strike. I tried every treatment, all failed. Then I decide to leave everything to God. I prayed day and night for his Divine healing. After 8 months, God answered my prayers.

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My readers never feel sad because of your present situation. I was worried about my first semester result, which I thought I didn’t write well because of my illnesses, I was worried about my mum; I was also worried about my educational career, but God took care of all my problems. 

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Top Comments
[email protected] · 06/25/2020
pls serve him all the days of your life JEHOVAH RAPHA! CAN BE TRUSTED!
BolanleOluyemi · 06/25/2020
I thank God for saving your life
SandySandra_02 · 06/25/2020
What a might God we serve.i thank God for his grace upon your life.
+234-807040**** · 06/25/2020
God is good.

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