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Sunday Morning Prayer; O God of Jabez, Bless Me

Warrinewsupdate 06/28/2020

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The Bible says the blessings of God maketh rich and added no sorrow.

When God blesses you, lack and struggling in life will be a thing of the pass.

When God Blesses you, anything you touch, will prosper, you business will blossom and grow to enviable heights.

Prayer, Supplication and Thanksgiving

Father, I worship and glorify your name for your goodness, another new day, mercy and protection upon my life and love ones.

Lord, I plead for your mercy upon me. Sins of my fathers house affecting my destiny, Lord, forgive me. Let the precious blood of Jesus atone for my Sins.

My Father, I need you in my life, I cannot do without you in life. Lord, let your holy spirit take preeminence in my life

My Father, deliver me from every bondages affecting my destiny and progress in life.

O God that blesses Jabez, bless me, break the yoke of hard labour without success out of my life.

By your blessings, reward my efforts and labour with your favour and transform my life for the better. Let my business spring up.

Settle me in life and bring my expectations to pass

Prosper the works of my hands, help me to succeed and stand in life, in Jesus name

All the plans of my enemies concerning me and my love ones, I cancel and nullify

Lord, protect me and my love ones from sudden destruction and the three fold problem of coronavirus, death and fire destruction that is troubling the world

I cover myself and love ones with the blood of Jesus.

Thank you Lord, for prayer answer, I worship you, receive all the glory,



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