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7 Reasons why staying in school hostel is better than staying off campus

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School hostel is simply defined as an inexpensive lodging facility provided for students of a particular school or university. A lot of students despise staying because of certain reasons like securing their privacy and some reasons but I will highlight the benefits of staying in the school hostel, problems and how to solve these problems.

Problem Of Privacy – Some students despise school hostel because they feel their privacy is not secured in school hostel but you can stop the problem of privacy if you can abstain from keeping friends in the same hostel and mind your business. If you don’t make friends in the hostel and push off those people who try to interfere in your affair, no one will know how you are fending and your privacy is secured.

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Trying To Avoid Public Toilet/Bathroom – it is true you have to share toilets and bathroom with strangers, but it is okay, you can buy a potty if you want to prevent yourself from infections from toilets. After using the potty, you dispose of the faeces in it inside the toilet and flush, then wash your potty with water and detergent and put under the sun to get rid of the odour. Hostel bathrooms have doors but some hostellers prefer bathing with the bathroom door wide open because they are not ashamed of letting fellow students in the hostel see their naked body because they are the same sex. Some students are not comfortable with that maybe because they are the shy type or they are not just comfortable with strangers seeing their naked bodies, be it the same sex. 

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Help save money – school hostels are very inexpensive unlike the hostels outside the school. You can get a room as cheap as fifteen thousand naira to fifty thousand in federal and state universities but hostels outside the hostel are very expensive and you can get it from seventy thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand naira. It is normal to share the same room with 2 to 6 people in a school hostel. If you stay in the school hostel, you don’t have to worry about decorating your room especially buying a television, bed stand, shelves and fridge because no school authority allows it, bed and foams are free in most school all you need is your clothes, books and kitchen utensils. While staying in the school hostel, no one will tell you to pay for minor faults in the hostel like paying for spoilt generator repair, fuel the generator, repair taps and spoilt boreholes. But staying off-campus, you have to buy bed and foam, decorate your room, pay for all the damage in the hostel, fuel the generator to pump water and even pay for engine oil for the generator. Another benefit of staying in school hostel is you can trek to class and when one class is over and the next class will start in an hour time, you can rush to your hostel, get something to eat and go back to class but those students who stay outside the school pay transportation fare to class and can’t rush to their hostel to eat, so they buy snacks. This is one of the greatest benefits of staying in the school hostel.

Roommate issue – Some dislike having roommates but it is very important you have a roommate especially when you have health/medical issue. A lot of students have died over the night because when their health issue escalated at night, nobody was there to help them. Even if you have a health issue or not, it is best if someone is around you. Although some roommates are troublesome and quarrelsome, it is best you take caution on how you mingle and relate with them. Don’t ever pool food ingredients together or cook together because this is the main reason why roommates are at loggerheads. Cook separately.

Security - School hostels provide 90% security unlike hostels outside the school environment where burglars can break into your apartment and steal from you. The school authority provides security who protect the school premises. Stories fly about that student in the school hostel steal clothes a lot, it may be true but students who stay off campus steal clothes too, it happens everywhere. It is best you wash your clothes and belonging during weekends and watch over it while there dry. When it is dry, you can pack them inside.

Water - there is 100% availability of water in the school hostel, school hostellers never lack water like the off campus hostellers and they are never asked to contribute money for fuel to pump water.

Electricity and Light – those students who reside in the school hostel don’t lack light like the other student who doesn’t do. The school provides light every morning and evening and students are not asked to pay for the light bill. Those students who stay off campus pay the light bill

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