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Monday Night: Say These Prayer Points Before You Sleep Today

News Hub Creator 06/29/2020

I am so grateful for this day Lord Jesus. Thank you for your mercy in my life. Thank you for counting me among the living souls. Thank you so much for my family. Thank you for the food you provide for me. I say accept my adoration in Jesus name.

Now say the following prayers;

 1.Lord Almighty I commit myself to your hands this evening shield me against every evil in Jesus name.

 2.I nullify every plans of the enemies against my life in Jesus name.

 3.Lord Almighty I pray that you will give me a peaceful night rest in Jesus name.

 4.I pray that your blessings will continue in my life in Jesus name.

 5.Lord let your grace be sufficient for me in Jesus name.

 6.I pray that enemy will not rejoice over my life in Jesus name.

 7.Lord open my eyes this night to see the vision of heaven in Jesus name.

 8.I pray let sickness be far from me in Jesus name.

 9. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers in Jesus name.

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