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Benefits on the easing of the interstate travel ban to Nigerians

Tobason 06/29/2020

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The federal Government of Nigeria has announced the lifting of it's interstate travel ban, this was made known to the general public through the Chairman of the

Presidential Taskforce PTF on Covid-19 and Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, Mr Boss Mustapha he made it known to newsmen on Monday in Abuja. He stated that " there will also be a safe re-opening of schools to allow graduating students back to classes, while interstate movements would only take place outside curfew hours".

We can all agree that the interstate travel ban largely crippled the Nigerian economy owing to the restriction of movement thereby reducing productivity. With the renew lifting of the ban here are some benefits to the average Nigerian and the country as a whole:

Increase in economic activities

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With the lifting of the interstate ban Nigerians can now go about their various businesses across the States thereby fostering rapid economic growth.

Reduced cost in the hike of transportation

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Lately the cost of transportation has being rather high owing to the interstate ban, most commuters have expressed their displeasure in the increase in the price of fare. With the effect from now there will be a noticeable decrease in the price of transportation across various States. 

Improved standard of living

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You will agree with me that many persons were caught up in random locations when the interstate travel ban took effect, thereby restricting them from their various points of businesses. This brought about untold hardship amongst many. However with the lifting of the interstate travel ban those who had pending jobs and contracts across the country can now commence work thereby earning and improving their various ways of life.

In additional the easing of the lockdown will bring an end to obstacles affecting the free flow of goods and services...

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