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Let's Pray For Adams Oshiomole -Here Are Some Reasons (Opinion)

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Only recently, was the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), removed from office, by the Court of Appeals and this must be really trying times for him.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why We Should Pray For Adams Oshiomole:

1. This great leader, has been through so much these past week's and may even have grown bitter from all his experience. Hence we need to pray that God heals his mind that may be embittered.

2. Let's pray for Adams Oshiomole, as he is only a man and could get really vengeful and decide to speak out on several issues and may become a rabble-rouser. Hence, we need to pray that he stays comported enough, not to speak ill or make inciting statements.

3. Having been through a lot of stress lately, let us pray that this great leader and strategist, doesn't give in to ailments and other bodily disorders.

4. In the court order, this former leader was stripped of security, hence, let's pray for security for Adams Oshiomole, we pray that no weapon fashioned against him will prosper.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
BasseyAsuquo_04 · 07/1/2020
He promised to tell the whole world who is in Aso rock , if he is remove as APC national chairman. we are waiting .
louizikhane · 07/11/2020
Oshiomohle deserve what ever he is going through, he is an evil man, he dose not forgive, let him go and die
+234-814806**** · 07/1/2020
Oshomole doesn't need our prayers. Devil does and deserves evils. Let him reap what he sow.
HelenUgbogbo · 09/1/2020
mr writer nothing do oshiomole baba is always alert is a winner

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