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Every Pastor Who Collects Tithes Is A Thief

Oshomatic.com 06/25/2020

Before you start insulting me, as I knew that some church goers destiny had been used for business centre, unknown to many of them, therefore attacking everyone that speak against their nonsensical believe. But, come to realized that, Christianity in Nigeria has lost the objective a long time ago.

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Recently, one of the pastors using tithes money to acquired private jets says: anyone who is not paying his tithe is not going to heaven, as usual backed it up with Bible verses. Is this for real? If it is, are this man’s senses still in his custody? Is this how hard this tithing issue is biting many of these them? It seems tithe is now heaven’s gate fee, just the same way you pay gate fee to enter some clubs in Nigeria.

Before Federal announce school closure to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a girl and a church member who have not paid her school fees, a week before the examination. This Lady isn't after paying the school fee rather, complaining after paying the tithes, which their pastors using to buy cars and private Jets, therefore, take good care of their family.

To cut the long story short, for the two weeks I attended her church in School, all that was preached was about tithe, to the extent that the preacher said, donating to the mother less babies home is not important, adding that, it is Non Governmental Organization, NGO.

For close to 45 minutes or an hour she kept preaching to us, she never mentioned salvation of which is the main reason for coming closer to God, the preacher therefore went as far as calculating the amount that should be paid. That is, if you make One Million Naira. One hundred thousand should be for the tithe. Which is the gross profit, not the net. 

After the Church service. I and the Lady went back home where I sit her down in order to receive her brain from the 419 pastors pretending like Men of God. The next thing she told me was, other churches don't have God's presence in their churches.

Adding that, even if you are in abroad or anywhere, their pastors told them to always pay their tithes in their original church, saying people who don't pay their tithes, are those their business fails every day. I look her face and concluded to say, religion is the worst thing to happen to us Africa.

And again, another Nigerian pastor also revealed that, receiving tithe in Christianity equally a sin after explaining the true meaning of the scriptures, and what tithe really means. Though the doctrine of tithe is popular and generally accepted in Christianity, but it’s a wrong doctrine. Misinterpretation of the scripture had lead many generations astray, as misinterpretation of tithe related scriptures has led many Christian generations astray today. 

The honest truth is that, we as human beings knows the truth and it is in our hearts that, today churches has lost its original path, and once we continue to give ourselves excuses in order to remain in their practices. We will only harm ourselves, as God made us to live in harmony, to realize we can do what we want, so far we are not harming lives in the process. 

That is the knowledge we need to involve ourselves in and so far. I can't find that in most churches as at today. In short, Africa countries is where people worship their pastors more than God. Please what is take on this?

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Top Comments
DavidUdomah · 06/25/2020
EzeUpah · 06/25/2020
A bold and truthful write up! No one can harm you with hostile comments. Many of the followers are either shareholders or too fearful to face the truth. Keep it up! Thank you.
AppsDownloadps · 06/25/2020
without tithes, pastors will be like labourers.
Governor'sChapel · 06/26/2020
I won't insult you... But I really struggled to read your post to the end, and yet still failed to... I guess I don't have to eat the whole pot to know the soup is bad. I tested your faulty logic, - one Pastor always preaches on tithes, one lady lost a fortune, not able to pay bills, therefore all Pastors collecting tithes are thieves. That's outrageous! As a pastor and Philosopher I know that inductive syllogisms are inherently faulty and lead to hasty generalizations. Maybe your choice of a sensetional caption was to drive traffic... Well I must say given the comments I have read so far, you've done yourself more harm than good. NEXT!!

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