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Boil Onions And Mango Leaves In A Pot For 30 Minutes, Drink To Treat These Diseases

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Hi everybody, today I will show you the ailments you can treat by heating up a bunch of mango leaves and one major onion. 

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Mango leaf 

Mango leaves are plentiful in Vitamins B,C and A. They are likewise incredible cell reinforcements that is the reason they are utilized in the treatment of such huge numbers of diseases. 

Step by step instructions to Make 

1. Pluck some mango leaves from a mango tree and buy an onion. Wash them very well with clean water 

2. After washing them very well, put them into a pot and include one quarter liter of water and bubble for 30 minutes. 

3. Utilize a sieve to expel the waste from the bubbled blend and pour the fluid in a bowl or bottle  


You are to drink in early in the morning in a vacant stomach before eating. You can add a little nectar(honey) to improve its taste.

Medical advantages 

1. It boosts fertility and it cures diabetes

2. It treats kidney and Gall Stones. 

3. It assists with wiping out mouth smell and gum diseases 

4.it guides in weight reduction and treats diabetic retinopathy 

5. It helps treat respiratory issues and it treats dysentery.

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Top Comments
Proverbs3v7 · 06/26/2020
We Africans God loves us so much that we should appreciate those guiding us how to use natural medicines. These things work. Once it works don't take it as means of earning a living by charging others and say I know this and that medicine The person here has given us freely. The bible says you received freely hence give out freely. God bless you.
EdwardMuwowo · 06/25/2020
how to treat swollen feet , feet getting hot.
+260-96497**** · 06/25/2020
so dibetes can finished completely pls answer me coz I'm tired whith these disease thank
+260-096857**** · 06/25/2020
am suffering from prostate enragment and I have been taking antibiotics for too long and am tired with no cure and am always been following your articles please advise me what to do

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