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Hollywood movies excerpts that could help every speech improvisor

Kendricks 1d

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The first step of not being afraid is acting like you're not afraid

I have a talent for holding grudges and unless you help me I'm gonna raise more hell than you can handle

I'm as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Pains demands to be felt

We need to feel pain so we know we're alive

Make sure you don't spend all your time making a living and forget to have a life

Knowledge isn't always power, sometimes it is burden

Great leaders don't seek power, they're called by necessities

The most important quality of a leader is not wanting to be a leader. -Plato

Any man willing to paint himself in the shadow of his failure will make a far more interesting conversationist

Destiny is an embodiment of the soul desire to grow

The continent is vast, just because you don't know the cure doesn't mean there isn't one

Whatever you lack in talent you make up in confidence

One grand gesture doesn't rewrite history

Every human being is a puzzle of needs, learn how to be the missing piece and they'll give you everything

Find beauty in the human delusion that the pleasures of the flesh will make us whole again

I had so much to tell you but I've just gone blank

For me they're two types of friends you know? Some throw their hands up in despair if you call to say you killed some bastard, others turn up with a spade

I've got a deal with God: a new heart and I'm not going to mess it up

A liquid is a state of a material without a particular form, it changes with ease and moulds to it's recipient. The human body is 70% water

When nothing is certain everything is possible 

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