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Opinion: 5 States That Should Go For Another 6 Months Second Lockdown

Hackers 06/24/2020

Since the flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the infection has additionally spread in more than 100 different nations of the world. many influenced nations have taken careful steps to forestall the heightening of the infection in their nations. Most nations have been compelled to settle on a hurried and stricter choice such all out lockdown in, conclusion of schools and strict focuses, so as to control the spread of the infection in their nations.

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Nigeria then again had additionally reacted to the episode and have taken the vital measures to manage the spread of the infection. So as to check the spread of the infection, The Federal Government had forced a complete lockdown and interstate travel boycott in the nation.

Despite the fact that, the Federal Government had affirmed the straightforwardness in lockdown. President Muhammadu Buhari made it known on or his majority rules system day discourse.

All things considered, President Muhammadu Buhari had before enabled the State Governors to settle on choices on when to ease lockdown in their different States.

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For example, in spite of the Federal Government endorsement reviving of chapel and mosque, the Lagos State Government would not follow with the Federal Government mandates, as the state government considered it dangerous to revive places of worship and mosques, because of the determined increment in the quantity of COVID-19 cases in the State.

Then again, some state governors have settled on the choice to force another lockdown in their States, significantly after the government had authoritatively facilitated lockdown in the ongoing majority rules system day.

In Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike, who had half a month prior took a further choice to force an absolute lockdown in two most influenced territories in the state. The Governor has set Onne Community of Eleme L.G.A and Bonne L.G.A in absolute lockdown in an offer to control the spread of the infection in the state. The Governor who unveiled that should the quantity of COVID-19 cases keep on expanding, that won't spare a moment to put the entire state in all out lockdown.

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"According to the key target of halting the spread of coronavirus, we have surveyed the circumstance in Bonny Island and Onne Communities and arrive at the determination that an all out lockdown is fundamental right now to close down the proceeding with spread of the infection in these networks", he said.

As I would see it, the state administration of the accompanying states ought to consider securing the state for at the very least six (6) months so as to stop the quick rising if the case consistently.

Lagos: in 5 days the quantity of cases expanded from 8177 to 9072.

Oyo: in 5 days the quantity of cases expanded from 809 to 1055

Streams: 5 days the quantity of cases expanded from 739 to 930

Delta: 5 days the quantity of cases expanded from 418 to 569.

Do you concur with the author's feeling further a half year lockdown period on the previously mentioned states?s

Generously offer your input, as your criticism checks.

Offer with your companions we should likewise hear what they need to state on this.

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Top Comments
ChiabuotuOnyikachiBenedict · 06/27/2020
There is no need to impose another lock down that will take period of six months to some states that have increased figure of covid 19 cases. Iam of opinion that Government should enforce the compliance of the guidelines on the curtail of the spread of this deadly virus, covid 19.
ItzFrances · 06/26/2020
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 my people my people...govt fear God ohh
AsuquoMonday_02 · 06/25/2020
federal government is mad
OshileHenry · 06/27/2020
another secret game to turn Nigerian into Islamic States, why we re in lockdown, thy will be there plotting nd planning, if de Almighty God will allow it to happen, some governors will be very happy about de useless and stupid covid 19 thy re talking about, never force a family to accept dat his her person who died of high fever died on covid .19, I will do everything de government said I should do, just to avoid insult from de security, now let me make a parable, in some villages, if them swell juju for u, instead of them to allow de juju to work as thy believe, thy will now come and use thy hand and kill u, u lockdown people just to increase numbers of fake covid .19, I can not believe corona virus in Nigeria, but for others country there is corona virus, Nigeria is a blessed country, but politicians have make it to scarab, don't worry dat name Nigeria will soon end? wat about de China dat u people smuggle in to Nigeria sometime ago, there is God?

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