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Writing a Good Article

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Writing an interesting, informative or educative article is dependent on the choices made by the writer. Knowing the steps required and the skills needed is paramount. Again, whether it's for a magazine, newspaper, your teacher or even internet, writing an amazing article is within your grasp. So, knowing the right things to do, to come up with a good article is my concern here. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These are some likely steps to follow to achieve your goal:

1. Try to be a professional content writer; when a professional writer has been provided with instructions from a client, they read them carefully to get an understanding of what is required. They usually note down any points of interests or special instructions that article requester have given. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

But, if the article is for your own use, then you would normally have chosen a topic or you may have been provided with one as a need of necessity. Then, ask yourself what you're going to write about and in what way are you going to talk about the topic. Think about the use; is it for promotion, informative article with an action involved from the readers, is it purely for education purposes. Pick a number of approaches. Next is to brainstorm for ideas, writing down ideas and thoughts about the subject. Research on each of the approaches and create some points or questions that they want to cover. After writing down all the ideas, evaluate whether the ideas are suitable and choose a method of executing these ideas.

2. Know your audience; evaluate the contents purpose, is the article being written for a specific audience or is this audience knowledgeable about the topic already, or are they only new to the subject. Having an understanding on that will allow you to set a suitable tone for the article and orientated the content so that the audience finds value in the article. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3. Research on the topic you are writing on: Research the topic in details to provide information that is not common knowledge. When writing an article, it is a good idea to have something important, different or informative to say, and research is a good way of educating yourself about the topic. Obviously, you can use the internet search engines to do that, but using these sorts of resources, however, is important to rewrite the information in your own way.

4. Draw outline: Layout an outline of the article and create a few points they will cover in details. Creating a few points before writing the article is a great way of focusing the efforts of the article purpose. Is a simple trick to help any writer provide valuable content as well, it helps in the prevention of writing filter content that has no value.

5. This is where you start the writing proper: Always start with an introduction, then, the body and conclusion. In the introduction, the writer should start by telling the audience what they can expect to learn. The body of the article, is the details about the topic and it mention different points that will connect to the reader and provide valuable information that they were told to expect. The conclusion, is where the article is summarized and states any conclusions that the reader should have come to when reading the article. This method of writing is called "being taken down the garden path" as this neatly explains the process. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

6. Once the article is completed: It is wise you read the article to find and fix any error. Also read the article to be sure it sounds good and covers the topic well.

If you follow the steps above, one day you too will be able to call yourself a professional writer.

will still like to know your ideas on it. Kindly drop your comments and you can further by liking and sharing. Thanks.

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