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The Peace That Every SOCIETY Desires

Nobledescholar 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Family is the bedrock of every society! It is also said to be the most important thing in the world, and the love for family is life's greatest blessing.

Most people will like why do I always like writing or talking about family, I do simply because of the aforementioned statement, and think you too the reader has such feelings as mine just because you love peace. 

Have you ever realized that there's nothing that gives more joy more than 'peace of mind or a family that stay's in peace and harmony where love is just like a meal.' If you always feel or have that peace in whenever the thought of visiting your family comes in, my dear your long life is sure, why because there's nothing that kill most or more easily than not having peace in you.

Most folks are always afraid when the thought of going home comes in them, some have ran away from their home just because of lack of peace in the family, some husband's are afraid to go home after work's of the day just because of what lack of peace has caused in his home, likewise some wife's, many children fear's to go home after school just because of same, and the joy of waking up every morning and living the house is so significant! But the question is does it end there 'waking up and living the house each morning,' which the answer is capital NO. This is simply because of what one popular Igbo adage said that "mmiri dórô nwa-eju dóró nwa nkita." Which in this context means that your problem still lies if nothing is done to profer solution to it.

However, it is vital to know on which foundation your family is built upon. That's why the word of wisdom in proverb 24:3 inscribe it that "Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding." Here what the writer mean when he mention that Word wisdom, he's simply referring to God Almighty because God alone is wisdom and understanding and He only give such to those that needed it.

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Now let's look at some crucial things that many folk's don't know that family is all about apart from one's immediate family! 

Do you know that the following are family which you as a person belongs to:

1. Your kindred 

2. Your community

3. Your Town

4. Your State

5. Your Church or religion

6. Your school

7. Your peer group or age grade

8. Your workplace

9. Your ethnic group

10. Your country 


You can see to yourself why Family is the bedrock of every society. So if our individual family is in mess how do one think that our society will be better or be at peace. This is why Jesus raised this issue of family because when He thinks for peace and wellbeing of other's through His miraculous deeds even people whom supposed to be happy were sad and was instead looking for a way to make His work seemed to be evil because of hatred in Luke 11:17 

"But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth."

This happens in every family where there's no unity and love.


The problems that we face today in our society emanates from the head's (I.e. Our leader's). Igbo's will say that "Mmiri bido n'isi wee gbarúó," which means that the river spoilt from the head.

Most times, when I reflect through all that are happening in our society today would be wondering where we are all heading to as a family, and looking via the mirrors of mind, would imagine what most folks are made-off because the things I envisage through the mirror is only society where evil folks are dominating over the good ones, such that hatred, acts of wickedness, Nepotism, bribery and corruptions, leaders making an empty promises, killing of innocent souls, egocentrism, blame game, rape, youths unemployment, dishonesty, homosexuality/lesbianism, hunger, rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, religious fanatics, tribalism or regional conflicts, cultism, prostitutions, deceits, disunity, robbery, child-trafficking, kidnapping, embezzlements of public funds, social violence, bitterness etc are entirely the order of the day, likewise a society where majority of the leaders only share their visions and aspirations for the progress of the entire people only in their political manifestoes and eventually all of their promises would remain mere political propaganda and empty promises in other to deceitfully gain the support of the masses to assume the office/position vying for, but would after the the election turn a deaf ear towards the cries of the poor masses and people's expectations that voted them in, only because majority of folks don’t see the society as a family rather a personal business, which the book of Hosea 10:4 recorded as well that "they utter empty promises and useless treaties. Justice has become injustice, growing like poisonous weeds in a ploughed field." 

In as much as I see a society where some folks are benefitting to the detriments of others, likewise some gnashing their teeths in suffering and pains, while the leaders would only be giving the masses false hope thereby telling the poor masses to always exercise patients as things would soon be well. Must these be what our society as a family should be made of, may God help us in this nation.

What most of our leader's fail to know is that being a leader is a great privilege and at the same time a great responsibility; which is why a saying has it that "he whom much is given, much is expected of him." Thereby, as a leader in the society you belongs to is a privilege enough to serve, whom on the same hand expected to meet up with the societal needs in as much as many lives positively impacted or influenced. Just as members of the family are dependent on each other, so the dependence provides the bonds that holds or unite the family together, which should be the same attitudes that presumed to be portrayed among the political leaders and its subordinates or folks under their sovereign state in the society. This would be best understood or described if taken as bond that unites the parents and her children (i.e. parents to child relationship). Therefore, not until folks starts seeing each other as a family will the societal problems be solved. This is why the broadness or the wideness of any society is determined on the number of individual families it comprises of, while the progress or attitudes depends mainly on the co-operations and attitudes of the individuals families towards the things the entire society would benefit from not for one's own selfish/personal interest. This simply means that the maximum co-operations of all the individual families are requested for the development, peace, unity and as well the affluence of the society.

Thereby, any society which one belongs to is his/her family and automaitically a member by origin, then why won't everybody join efforts together to build up the society as a family for it to become the pride of all, by achieving its common purpose, aspirations, goals to a desirable expectations. Thus as a leader or head of any family should always see your position as a big responsibility to serve not as a mere profession or career where you only seek for own personal interest or to embezzle public fund, whereas the interest should be centered mostly on how to utilize the available resources of the society under your control for the societal welfare. For further illustrations, Nigeria as a nation is a family, likewise other nations across the globe too, in as much as in every family there must be the governing authorities/councils and as well folks under their subject. But the main issue here is your main objective as a governing authority, is it to destroy or to build up the family in other to make its members better-off for the benefit of the entire society. That's why the Holy Bible in the book of Proverbs 27:16 has it that "when evil people are in power, crime increases. But the righteous will live to see the downfall of such people." While in chapter 28:2b, says "A nation will be strong and endure when it has intelligent, sensible leaders."

Aesop one of the great philosophists opined that "United we stand, divided we fall." So therefore let's all join hand's together in other to make our family (Society) a better place because that's what we have and we must protect her for better future.

God bless us all!

Thank you for reading!

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