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Why Goodluck Jonathan Will Defeat Any Candidate That Will Be Presented By APC in 2023

Kufreboy 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. With evidence that the 2023 election his around the corner, I believe that consultation are already on top gear, by gladiators, in order to present an acceptable candidate that will succeed president Buhari.

some of the candidates that are alleged to be interested in the country number one seat are, Ahmed tinubu and former President good luck Jonathan, though, though, none of them has not come out openly to declare if the will contest or not.

Taking a close look at parties zoning formula, since buhari who his from the north will be completing his eight in 2023, then the south-south and south East are to produce the next president.

Just a few months ago, the BOT chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Jibrin, came out to say, that the party board of trustee will soon begin a strategic talks and meetings with former President Goodluck Jonathan and other bigwigs so that the can discuss the way forward, with this, the party decide to zone it's presidential ticket to the south-south, then Goodluck Jonathan his the man to watch out for, because he still enjoys support from his supporters who still hold him in high esteem.

And with these current APC crises, many Nigeria who has not even happy with government leadership, due to high level of poverty and insecurity, compare to when Jonathan was in power, will use that opportunity to accept Jonathan once again just to say goodbye to the broom family View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
HiteshD · 06/27/2020
I can see covid 19 has affected your brains.
MarkFidelis · 06/27/2020
we north will destroy them
FrankMarine · 06/26/2020
the best man so far Jonathan
MichaelJosephJackson · 06/25/2020
let him go an relax, presidential post is not fit him,

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