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See "African Juju" Used By A Football Player During A Village Football Match

iworldreporter 06/29/2020

What do we call this one now? The use of juju has gone beyond the spiritual, now it is strongly used by those who feels they can defeat their opponent in a physical bout/match.

Samclef, an ace music and sound producer took to his Instagram page to post a picture of a football player (believed to be from Africa) using juju to play in a football match.

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Surprisingly the player himself might have forgotten he had rolled down his stockings hence a chicken leg was seen tucked in it. It may be a common sight or practice amongst players who go as far as seeking spiritual assistance in order to win games

This is my first time of seeing such things even though I have heard alot about football players using juju to play football.

Have you experienced any? What do you think about this player using juju to play football? Let's delibrate on this

Source: opera.com
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