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Meet Nkem Owoh(Osuofia) And His Two Daughters

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Nkem owoh popularly known as Osuofia is a famous Nollywood legend and was born on 7th February 1958 in enugu Nigeria

He is from amagu village in udi town enugu south Eastern Nigeria his primary and secondary School was in nsuka where he obtain his first leaving certificate and secondary School certificate respectively

Osuofia attended University of ilorin where he study electrical engineering and graduated with upper class student

Nkem Owoh nwabuoku (Osuofia ) in 1998 married his lovely wife Mrs Ngozi Nkem Owoh and they marriage was blessed with twy beautiful daughters

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Osuofia start his career in 1987 where he acted in things fall apart by legendary novelist Late Chinua Achebe, Osuofia has feature in over 250 Nollywood movies

He is a comedian, movie director, a musician in fact Osuofia is a talented star that cannot be easily forgotten in Nollywood he has been a big fish in the Industry

Here are some of the movie he acted

1. Ukwa

2. Long John

3. Akidi

4. Okochi

5. Osuofia in London

6. My kingdom come

7. Military zone

8. Final word cup

9. Ofor na ogu

10. Things fall apart etc

His biggest movie is Osuofia in London because it goes both locally and internationally, He is also a musician has recorded up to three albums in his music career

In 2008 Nkem Owoh nwabuoku (Osuofia) won African movie academy awards as the best actor in a leading role and he has won so many other awards

Many people thought chinwe Owoh who is also Nollywood Actress is his wife, chinwe is not his wife but wife to somebody in Owoh family

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A Talented n a Wonderful Actor, also a very comic person. Respect Honorable sir. We love you Dear. Greetings to your Blessed family.
IphieEziechine · 07/16/2020
I love dis man he his very good in acting
Brownk · 06/29/2020
Osuofia your daughters no fine ooooo!! lol

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