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Fedral Government: Amotekun Of The West Should Be Emulated(Opinion)

Stakobrown 06/25/2020

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Amotekun is quite significant for this security outfit. It is a Yoruba name meaning Leopard. Amotekun is not an ordinary animal. It is an animal that exudes confidence, jumps and runs with extraordinary speed to get at its target.

The headquarters of Operation Amotekun which is located in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. Amotekun also help the Police, other security agencies and traditional rulers in curbing crimes in the society, as well as check the recurring farmers-herders clashes.

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Amotekun was created to complement the police in protecting the people, especially Nigerians and foreign nationals living in the Southwest region. Amotekun operatives will carry Dane guns that are similar to the ones hunters carry during their operation.

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Amotekun was birthed on January 9, 2020 collectively by the Southwest governors: Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti), Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu (Ondo), Seyi Makinde (Oyo), Dapo Abiodun (Ogun), Isiaka Oyetola (Osun) and Babajide Sanwoolu (Lagos).

This security agency was created to fashion out a way to complement the work of the mainstream security agencies overstretched in their efforts to arrest the menace that have afflicted the entire country. 

Nigeria is faced with high insecurity issues, this issues keep rising on daily basis. Now with all the security agencies available, the country is still having high number of bandits, rape, herder clashes and even terrorism. 

Our security agancie are really doing there best to curb these threats of insecurity in the country. We all appreciate them and pray for them. 

But creating a new security system or outfit is a good idea, only if the newly created agency works alone without being merged or commanded by the already existing security agencies.


Moral boosting of anyone, is him/her seeing his successes being shown to the world, that is what the personnels of Amotekun are getting. Unlike the local hunters of the north. 

Men of Amotekun have recorded tremendous victories over the few months the were officially commissioned. This man know there territory, they were allowed to work with there strategies and the have been doing very great in the fight against crime in the south west region of the country. 

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You could recall that, The ad hoc men of Osun State Security Network, code-named, Amotekun have blocked an attempt by some northern youths to sneak into the state.

Swords, cutlasses, machetes and assorted charms, among others, were seized from the travelers who claimed to have been coming from Nasarawa and Zamfara States.

Also 42 cows were arrested by Ondo state Amotekun Corps over invasion and destruction of farmlands around Alagbaka extension in Akure, the state capital. 

Amotekun have recorded tremendous victories round all borders of all the six state they safe guarding. If the hunters of the north would also be given freedom to operate as a separate security agency on there own, not just only as joint task force, but be placed on entries to the northern states. 

If the hunters were well managed and there system operates same or even more than Amotekun , then bandits won't be flooding the west and other regions. But when all the recruited hunters are placed under one umbrella, the joint task force, then definitely herdsmen and bandits won't seize to grow high in other regions. 

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Group picture of northern hunters.

Earlier this month, Northern Governors Forum, NGF, on set up a committee to engage local vigilantes, hunters and community watch groups on intelligence gathering, rapid response and sustained surveillance in the region. 

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Picture of a northern hunter.

It will be a very wise decision if the northern hunters operates just like Amotekun. By allowing this hunters do surveillance themselves, make arrest and hand suspects to the police. 

Do recruitment for them online, provide them with enough patrol cars and set up head quarters for them. When you take this men serious, definitely there results will be better than Amotekun. Make them to be recongnised, by applauding them separately. 

We are not saying the existing security agencies are not performing well, but when creating local security agencies, it will be nice to equip them well, give them freedom to operate independently. 

With local security agencies in all borders in every state, definitely no movement of bandits or terrorist will be experienced. From the above pictures you could see how Amotekun corps are worth emulating by other states.

God bless all the security agencies fighting for our safety, God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians. 

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Top Comments
LuckySagay · 06/25/2020
A military training school should be built for amatekun like the NDA, and that will kick-start military academy for the west. They should negotiate for lecturers from the British military academy, and that would have successfully started their own military training school.
TijaniSaheed_02 · 06/26/2020
God bless Southwest ,God bless amotekun
IsraelAdedeji_01 · 06/25/2020
Yes,Military School for them,the aim like that of American soldiers-
Micomico · 06/28/2020
Amotekun should be more empower to function effectively

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