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Meet Oba Tinuade, The Youngest Female Traditional Ruler Of Iboropa

OmoBabaFrydey 06/24/2020

THE OLUBOROPA OF IBOROPA AKOKO,ONDO STATE , First and the youngest female Traditional Ruler of Iboropa Public Administation Humanitarian.

Princess Tinuade Ayomikun Babalola, in Ondo State, is the Regent of Iboropa Akoko. At age 17, she became Iboropa Akoko's regent, from Oro's ruling house after her father's death. She has been on the throne for over four years. It has been so fun for her to become the Regent of Iboropa Akoko. Just after her father's death, the family came together to talk about who the Regent will be. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

And the conclusion was that the family's last child should be enthroned, as she is the house baby so that the rest of us can have time for themselves. They are a family of 5, 3 girls and 2 boys. She's the second to final. The elders in the community came to the palace after their agreement within the family and asked about her, Tinuade. They said that she was the preferred candidate for the Regent 's position, after their many consultants. Therefore she became the Regent. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


Iboropa Akoko is one of the largest Akoko land settlements. It falls in the Kingdom of Yoruba in the southeast. This is a village adjacent to Ikare Akoko. The land is home to a population of over 5000 people. The people mainly rely on agriculture. They do have a high amount of processing palm oil and cassava. The cassava, as they claim, is more method to "Garri." The that businesses around are however the palm oil and garri factory. That gives work opportunities to the indigenous. As soon as they reach the degree of group education. Iboropa nation, however, is blessed with few elementary and secondary schools. What the state government supports. The city, though, is a rural area.

Mostly the group is populated with elderly men and women. A few youngsters and a small number of kids too. Any student in this group who completes high school. It is likely to move to a better community or area. To observe a lifestyle of society.

The inhabitants are mainly farmers, craftsmen, butchers, and teachers in this area. Though the teachers are mostly corpers. Motorcyclists are here too. Yet few car owners.

Akoko 's people are said to be Yoruba by name during "Obahahoho" festival History speaks of the exodus of the Ancestors from Edo. There are more than 40 communities in Akoko however. Many of them include Ikare Akoko, Epinmi Akoko, Akungba, etc.

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JohnsonOlaseni · 06/25/2020
young regent of iboropa thank you
GUEST_NRprgPKDq · 07/2/2020
Oba A Woman? ls this possible in Nigeria?
AbimbolaRaphealElufisan(ARE).. · 06/25/2020
God bless you, her Majesty
JofyJayeoba · 06/25/2020
my beautiful regent, may God continue to uphold you ijn

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