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Crisis In APC Will Go To A Rest, If Tinubu Can Jettison His Ambition For President

Venza90 06/25/2020

All the crisis in APC will go to a rest, the very moment Jagaban decides to jettison his ambition for President in 2023 Presidential Election.

Who is even better off him among the people who are against him today? If APC should zone her presidential ticket to Southwest, it is obvious that the only alternative to Jagaban is prof Osinbajo to be the candidate of APC

Honestly, I do not see anyone in the southwest who has outstanding records that can beat that of Tinubu in any political contest.

I see religion as the only obstacle against Tinubu come 2023, not any of those rabble trousers, who are making unnecessary noises around.

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I wish Jagaban can jettison his ambition and support Osinbajo. It is then we would all know that most of his adversaries in the southwest are not sellable in their geo political zone, let alone winning presidential election

How I wish Tinubu jettison his ambition for more qualified and comoetent candidate within his camp 

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Top Comments
+234-0706477**** · 06/26/2020
make una leave south west and Tinubu alone we know how to regroup and settle our problems, I hope Ashiwaju will learn a lesson,and maintain his integrity and leave Buhari and APC alone, no good can come out of that party or government, their time is up
GUEST_1JwDNbMZm · 06/25/2020
God punish your entire families for this stupid talks
GUEST_vDnjkDOVG · 06/25/2020
Why should he step down for the VP? Who is better than him- north or south, east or west in the party?

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