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Hushpuppi's arrest: Greed, stupidity or nemesis?

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Following the arrest of famous Nigerian big boy Raymond Igbalodely popularly known as Ray hushpuppi, controversial statements have been seen circulating all over the social media network with different views on the matter being expressed by both Nigerians and fans of the sensational Instagram celebrity. 

Ray Hushpuppi who is very well known for his show-off and display of exorbitant life style as well as flaunting expensive items ranging from his cars to Mansions was arrested for engaging in a Nigerian unemployment insurance scam. It has also been revealed that Hushpuppi together with 12 others defrauded over 1.9 million people in the course of carrying out their fraudulent scheme. 

Hushpuppi before his arrest was known to have received advise from fans and few Nigerian celebrities who always laid emphasis on his careless display of wealth without a genuine source of where the money came from. They always warned him indirectly or directly to be careful on how he posed with very expensive items but the Nigerian big boy refused to pay heed to anyone. 

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Could it be greed that put Ray Hushpuppi in his present predicament? Well we cant ascertain for sure but for someone who has made such amount of money in life, it would have been wise to quit fraud on time and invest in a genuine and lucrative business, (My thoughts thou). Am totally not in support of how he got most of his money which was illegally but quitting on time would have saved his head from jail considering his vast knowledge in business if we look back at his humble beginning when he sold clothes as well as his Passion for trading designer stocks. 

Could it be stupidity that put Ray Hushpuppi in his present predicament? I mean, how can an individual keep showing off massive wealth without any authentic or actual source of income? If only he listened to advise and warnings given to him beforehand. 

Could it be Nemesis catching up with Ray Hushpuppi? from the cries of innocent and unemployed Nigerians he used to carry out his last fraudulent scheme. I guess we will never know for certain.

While most Nigerians are in support of his arrest, demanding justice and supporting that Ray faces the wrath of the law, few other Nigerians and friends of the famous big boy pray that he comes out of this difficult situation that has befallen him.

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