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‘God of thunder strike you there’ Angry fans blast Rema over his tweet: She’s not my girlfriend.

Sisiterga 06/26/2020

Rema was under- fire since he went out on a date with Nimiie, the lady he picked on a date on Instagram. Because many of the fans believed he went out with his girlfriend and not a random fan as many would have thought.

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From the video the young girl was so relaxed and having fun with him as if they had met before which raised eyebrows as fans came heavily for him.

He tweeted to debunk the news; he wrote “She’s not my girlfriend y’all chill”. But his female fans seems not to be on the chilling side any more as Cause it’s resulted to rain of abuse and curse in his comment section.

Another fan wrote I think you’re mad- who are you “whining”.

Seems that your spider head is “turning on his own”- Anonymous 

Check below for more reactions from fans.

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Are the fans over reacting base on jealousy or they are doing this because he truly went out with his alleged girlfriend?

Drop your opinion.

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Top Comments
Emmanuelchimebukaogadimma · 06/28/2020
why is it that all internet single girls are angry with Rema? Let them go and help them self jhoor
TaiwoEstherAyomide · 06/27/2020
I don't think anything is wrong, it his choice if he says she is not his girlfriend then she is not his girlfriend is it your girlfriend o ga oo it's paining those he did not pick
SymplyCecee · 06/26/2020
God of sango go strike am join,mumu boy

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