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Throwback photo of Ini Edo and Regina Daniels as a child.

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Indeed, Regina Daniels have really made her mark on the ever changing and ever growing Nollywood movie industry. she started acting since she was a child and has managed to keep her career relevant even now that she is married and is expecting her first child with her billionaire husband. She has been in the news constantly, as she flaunts her baby bump everyday.

Ini Edo on the other hand has really made Nigerians proud. She is one of the industry's most sort after actresses. She too has managed to make her career long lasting, that infact, it would be quite impossible to talk about Nollywood as an industry without mentioning the name Ini Edo.

Well, a throwback photo of these two loveable actresses surfaced on the internet, Instagram to be precised. As seen in the photo, Regina Daniels was pretty much still a baby, while Ini Edo looked very young, signifying their early days in the Industry.

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Georgemafeng · 06/24/2020
wow see how young Regina Daniels was

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