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(Video) Driver Survives Ghastly Car Accident Completely Unharmed on the Third Mainland Bridge

Falzwrites 06/26/2020

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An unidentified man has just had the greatest luck of his life after being involved in a ghastly car accident and managed to survive without a scratch. The man had been driving his car on the popular Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos where the accident occured.

According to the narrative, he was on a high speed on the highway when one of the rear tires of his car suddenly burst causing the car to somersault multiple times before coming to an halt. Other drivers and motorists who had witnessed the incident congratulated the driver while making sure he was alright.

The Third mainland bridge is the Longest bridge in West Africa and one of the most popular highway in Nigeria. It has also been a notorious site for many accidents and deaths including suicides. This particular driver however is one of the few persons who have survived an accident of this magnitude on the notorious bridge.

The Driver walks away unscathed after his car almost fell off the 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos .

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
AnnIfeyinwa · 06/27/2020
He survived by the grace of God. Glory be to God. Learn to reduce ur speed next time.

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