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If You Want To Be Healthy And Live Long, Stop Eating These 10 Foods

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Have you ever wondered why our forefathers in the olden days tend to live longer than us in the present generation? Over the years, a lot of things have changed including the food we eat. Before the 20th century, the major occupation was farming and which will require physical effort to engage in but the people in that era still were more healthy and stronger than people in this era.

The improvement in technology has led to the improvement In other things like the food we eat, what we wear and drink but all this changes comes with its side effects.

Some scientific research has shown that the food we consume nowadays is responsible for many diseases affecting us. Most time people don’t even know the side effects of these diseases and that has caused a lot of harm to their health.

 Please if you care for your health, avoid eating these foods

1.    Noodles

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Noodles have gradually become a food this current generation cannot do without. This food is consumed by both old and young, men and women. Students mainly go by this food as it takes less time to prepare. Studies have shown that noodles causes cancer in the body as it has a very high level of sodium in it. Other effects it has on the body include heart disease, skin damages and even obesity.

2.    Eba,Pounded yam,Fufu

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It can be consumed in the moderate amount without any effect but when these groups of food are consumed in excess, it leads to diabetes, obesity and other health issues as there are very high source of carbohydrate. Take note avoid consuming these foods some hours before going to bed.

3.    White bread

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This food does not have any nutritional health benefit to the body as it is a high carb food. Hence, just look for an alternative like brown or wheat bread.

4.    Fried plantain

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Consumption of fried plantain increases cholesterol level and even increases the risk of heart attack to human. You can roast or boil it.

5.    Stew

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Delicious stews are good but it is not healthy for ulcer patients especially stew prepared with excess pepper. It can also increase cholesterol level and cause heart burn.

6.    Soft drinks

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The carbon gas used in the preservation of these drinks is bad for the body. Some drinks are full of sugar also and this can harm the kidney as well as the liver.

7.    Salt and pepper

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Salt is a very strong solvent and when consumed in excess cause a hypertonic solution around the kidney thus causing it to dehydrate and lose water. Pepper increases risk of stomach ulcer and cancer.

8.    White rice

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This food does not have much effect on the body system. It promotes weight gain and obesity. It becomes very dangerous when you begin to consume it for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

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Top Comments
NehemiahChinonyeIgbokweIgbokwe · 06/25/2020
when you mentioned eba, pounded yam, fried dodo, salt, noddles, and even rice and bread Kwa, you have succeeded in stirring the honet nest for nothing is left for the black except imported food, hot dogs, cheese, chocolate etc. but our forefathers fed exclusively on eba, pounded yam and lived over 120 years. oyibo mentality be thisooo
+233-54145**** · 06/25/2020
in my village, the most common food here is pounded cassava, that's fufu or Eba. That's what our old men were eating before fried rice and chicken came. They've lived over 80 to 90 years.
AdelabuAdetunji_01 · 06/24/2020
What then do we eat?
OlaniyiGrammar · 06/25/2020
My papa and grandpa ate eba, pounded yam, fofo for years, yet they live for over 80 and 100 respectively. This writer is a big fool !

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