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Young And Talented - 9 Year Old Built The Barcelona Stadium

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A 9 year old boy from Spain built and designed the fc Barcelona Stadium with beautiful materials.

The boy was deeply in love with his football club, he didn't know how to let people know about how much he loved his club, so he decided to build this massive structure that took him three months to complete. What a brilliant boy he is.

I believe now he has been recognized buy this prestigious club and the memories will be shared all over the world.

The boy is really doing great, he had spent a lot time just to achieve this massive work well done. Kudos to him, he really made us proud. We the Barcelona Club appreciate your excellent master piece.

Am Truly Proud of him, I was very happy when I saw this. My full support to him. I love my club Barcelona. the legends that never slumber

Please fellow fans of FC Barcelona used a little time of yours and help me congratulate this youngster.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
DãmmyLølã · 07/2/2020
wow he really tried 😍
JamesLouisAguwass · 06/26/2020
Very good, and so nice

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