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Has Love Been Modified ?

Daddyjay13 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. H View pictures in App save up to 80% data. as Love Been Modified ?

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A trend that has eaten deep into our society and one activities by singles male and women. It is fun meeting someone who is compatible with us but the problem associated with it , can we live with it ?

Marriage is a legal union hinged on certain traditional rites and anything contrary to that is illegal. In our society alot of unmarried young ones cohabit without any traditional rite made. May reasons have been stated but does it justify cohabitation ?

Does Love justify Cohabitation, has love been modified to justify the act ?

Cohabitation is where a male and female who are not married but in friendship live together acting and doing everything like they are married. 

There is high rate if cohabitation today in our society and it is becoming worrisome. Does love call for cohabitation?

In African traditional society, this is a cultural abomination but the modern society see not issue with it.

Most people ask, if we are in love, why shouldn't we live together?

Most Cohabiting unmarried couples do everything together like cooking , bathing, some even have joint account.

Does love justify cohabitation?

Has love been modified?

During the 90s, it is difficult to see a male and female singles living together but today due to globalization and westernization of African culture and tradition, people see no wrong cohabiting. Has love been modified ?

Traditionally when you love a woman , you visit her parents to perform the necessary traditional rites before taking her home, but today many singles are traditionally single but civilising married.

Has love been modified ?

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