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Relationship advice - mistakes women make with men early In a relationship

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Relationship advice - mistakes women make with men early In a relationship View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The early part of a new relationship is critical because it determines whether or not you want to continue dating this particular person. This decision is usually determined after only a few dates. But sometimes a woman can be a little too zealous in the early part of a new relationship and, subsequently, jeopardize it in the process.

Here are five common mistakes many women make early on

1. Pushing ideas far too quickly. This can send a man running in the opposite direction, faster than anything. Men don't like to be pressured in a relationship, especially in the early stages. They can withstand a charging bull easier than they can a pushy woman. Men like to think they are in control of their destiny, especially as it pertains to a female partner. Even if the woman is dominant enough for that not to be so, the man still likes to believe it is.

2. A woman gives too much of herself too early. When a man thinks about a long-term relationship, very few ever consider the "bad girl". There's a difference in wanting some quick fun or a lasting relationship. For a man, these are usually two very different women.

3. Showing up at the man's work place or home without being invited. Men like to bring their new love interest into different parts of their life at their own pace; in their own time. When a woman oversteps this safety line, it means the man can expect it to continue... and maybe only get worse. Men like to maintain their space until they are really comfortable giving it up to the woman. It's one thing to surprise a man... once. As far as the man is concerned, making it a habit teeters on stalking.

4. Becoming too comfortable around them. Some men may enjoy a woman who is entertaining, but there are some routines that need to remain a mystery until the relationship progresses a little further. When a man sees you doing something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they are only imagining one thing: "if she is this open now, what will she be doing in front of me when we are closer?

5. Becoming overly jealous. It's fine to be jealous. In fact, men actually expect it from women... to an extent. But there is definitely a difference in being jealous for a reason, or being overly jealous. Anything that happened before you were in a relationship with the guy, is off limits... unless he likes to brag about it. Remember he has a past just like you do

Learn about yourself what makes you this way? Are destructive emotions at the heart of any problems you are experiencing with your new relationship. If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself. What are your beliefs?

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