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She is a ghost, Episode 4

Tarison 2d

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I stood there staring at the picture. After a

while, I remembered I have to be with Mr

handsome. I regarded back and started

searching for him searching round the place. I

saw him standing amongst these people,

holding a camera in his hand. I walked

slowly toward him smiling.

I stood beside him as he walks round from

one area to another. “Is this the place you

work? Wow, it’s so fantastically and cool here.” I

said looking around.

Few minutes later, the picture shoot started.

The girl looks so stunning as she did

different poses in distinctive fashion of

dresses and shoes. I was standing beside Mr

handsome looking at him as he used to be taking

the pictures. By looking at his face, I could

tell he like her by means of the way he smiles while

taking the pictures. “I can see you had a

crush on her. It’s OK you’re additionally a man you

can fall for her. You can’t cover that” I said

looking at him. He looked at me then

concentrated again on the camera. Wow. He

could hear that of all what I’ve been saying

to him since. I notion to myself folding my

arms together.

“Well. She’s so pretty. Am so jealous of her” I

said nodding my head.

“Good aspect you’re no longer blind” he stated under

his breath wondering I won’t hear him.

After the photograph shoots, he went to sit

down on a chair. And I accompanied him standing

beside the table. A lady introduced a bottle

water and a towel. He acquired the bottle

from her and opened the top. “You did a

great job.” she stated smiling. “Oh thanks. You

guys relaxation also. I have to meet

someone through 12pm so, I won’t be around

then. You guys ought to finish the relaxation OK?” he

said standing up from the chair. “Yes sir” the

lady replied.

He went to the different younger guy and

whispered something in his ear. He nodded

his head in agreement saying OK.

Mr handsome left the studio strolling down

the passage. I observed him gently without

his knowledge. When he acquired to the

compound, earlier than he ought to get to his car, he

pressed a far-flung to unlock it. He opened

the door and sat down pulling out the seat

belt. He stopped and was once looking around. He

peeped via the window then looked

behind him. I can inform he was once looking for me.

I was once at a corner searching at him as he does

all this. When he couldn’t discover me, he took a

deep breath wiping his face with his palm.

I smiled to myself looking at him. “Don’t be

relieved. Am not gone yet” I stated smiling.

When he fastens the seat belt, and was about

driving, I disappeared from the place I was

hiding and reappeared beside him. He

quickly stepped on the break looking at me

in shock. “Ooh. You truly scared me” he said

looking at me.

“Were you looking for me? Why? Do you

miss me?” I asked looking at him. “What? Stop

popping out like that scaring humans around

with your unpleasant face OK” he said. “You don’t

have to be scared. It’s now not you first time

seeing me. Are you genuinely scared of ghosts?” I

asked searching at him. “What’s she saying?

Am now not scared of them. I simply don’t like

seeing unpleasant ghosts popping out of nowhere.

They’ll appear like a demon to me.” he stated as

he drives the car slowly out of the

compound. “Really? So you’re now not scared of

me?” I asked. “Am not. I can’t be scared of

you. You don’t even seem scary” he replied.

“That skill am no longer an unsightly ghost then?

Since you’re not scared of me. Am a sexy

ghost no longer an ugly one” I said smiling. On

hearing that, he started laughing out loud. I

wonder what he’s laughing about. I didn’t say

anything funny. “What’s she saying?. Sexy

ghosts?” he repeated and proceed laughing.

He nearly bumps into an automobile but rapidly turn

the staring to keep away from it. “You have to be

careful if you don’t choose to seize up with other

ugly ghosts” I said searching at him. “So you

mean there are horny ghosts? That’s so funny.

I have in no way heard of that before. You’re not

even an exceptionally ghost” he stated nevertheless smiling. I

feel proper to see him smile. He looks so cool

and calm.

John’s POV

As I used to be nevertheless speak me and laughing at what the

ghost Girl simply said, a name got here in and I took

it. My expression changed immediately I saw

the caller. It was once my dad. I first hesitated to

pick it but I took the call and placed the

phone to my ear. He said he wishes us to

meet me at his office proper now due to the fact he

wants to have a meeting with everyone. I

dropped the smartphone beside me after the call.

I hate sitting down and speaking with him. I

don’t like him and I don’t experience happy anytime

we’re together. But considering that it’s a family

meeting, I have to exhibit up. I was once no longer the

first child. I have step-brother and I have

sisters also. He bought married to three wives.

Nathan used to be his first son. He’s two years

older than me. While am three years older

than Mary his youthful sister. And Julie was

the youngest wife’s daughter. She’s just 16

this year.Nathan’s mother was the first wife

he married. She made lifestyles like hell for me

and my mother when I was once nonetheless young. She’s

so horrifying and wicked.

Even when father married the youngest wife,

she hired gang to beat her up and destroy

the being pregnant she’s having. She was once rescued

before they should do something worst to her.

Even though my dad is aware of she was once the one

who did it. He never confronted her or make

any case on it. She’s so frightening than demons or

ghosts. I blamed my mum for getting

married to my dad. But what can I do about

it? It’s finished already. Am one of Williams

family. I don’t like attractive myself with

family problems or about his companies. I like

living a simple lifestyle and free from their

problems. He has the largest business enterprise in the

state. He has so many companies and

houses. But I disguise myself from Williams

family. No one is aware of am Williams in my

company. Even when I used to be nevertheless in school, no

one is aware of am James Williams son.

I hid my identity from people. Unlike my

other brother Nathan. The boasts about it and

spend cash like s--t when he was in school.

We’re now not close at all. We hate every other

ever considering the fact that we had been kids. We in no way act like

real brothers even though we nevertheless have the

same father. Mary used to be the only one who

was shut to me. She likes me and love

hanging round me the entirety in school. She

once told me she wished we have been not

siblings. She would have love to have me as

her boyfriend. I took that as a comic story the day

she stated that.

Back to my car.

I frowned my face on hearing he’s having a

meeting with us. I have to go simply to avoid his

nagging. I made a U flip and went back

heading to the company.

When I bought there, I packed my vehicle at the

garage then got down and walked towards

the door. I entered the large company and

make my way in the direction of his office. “Why are

you now not searching good? Are you indignant at

something?” the ghost lady asked following

me behind? I not noted her heading to the

elevator. When I obtained to the elevator, I

pressed the button and it opened. Who I saw

there left me with shock and surprise. But I

hid it not letting it exhibit on my face. He

smiled nodding his head at me. But I saved on

the straight face searching at him. “Long time

no see” he stated placing on a pretend smile. We

both were staring at each different awkwardly

while I nonetheless stood at the entrance blocking

the elevator from closing.


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