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Shame On You D'banj, You Deserve To Be Erased - Mocheddah Speaks On D'banj's Rape Case

joyousnews 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Singer Mocheddah is the first celebrity to publicly call D'banj on a rape charge brought against him by Seyitan Babatayo.

This came after Seyitan issued an official statement detailing how she was arrested and jailed after she accused D'banj of rape.

Mocheddah responded to her statement by attacking D'banj and claiming that she had tried to silence the alleged rape victim.

He wrote: "Shame on you, D'banj. Shame on you for being the tyrant you showed us you are.

"Shame on you for silencing a young girl from tellingthe truth. Shame on you for being an instrument of illegal imprisonment.

"Shame on you for having influenced the order to arrest a woman who accused you of rape.

"You should be ashamed of yourself forcing her to sign. "You have shown the world who you are and that you are nothing.

"This story goes beyond rape. You manipulated the justice system to serve your own selfish interests. You have broken the law in many ways, and you deserve to be deposed. D'banj's support must be withdrawn, and his awards withdrawn to send a message to all tyrants who believe they are above the law.

"The police officers who illegally detained Seyitan must be exposed and relieved of their duty.

"The power of your influence imposes a duty to act correctly, but whatever your status, you are first and foremost a man. Many will say that this case is about clout hunting, but if you remove your prejudice against your favorite and replace him with a regular Joe, wouldn't you want the same justice? Do the right thing.

#shameondbanj #canceldbanj #saynotorape" View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Source: opera.com
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