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Drink Tiger Nut And Lipton Juice To Cure These Infections.

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Tiger nut is a plant that is good to the human health. It's serve as medicine for curing diseases. Lipton is also medicinal.

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Method Of Preparation:

1. Get tiger nut ans Lipton, wash the tiger nut well.

2. Grind the tiger nut and mix it with Lipton. 

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3. Put them in a bowl that contains water, the amount of water to put depends on the quality of the ingredients you used.

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4. Cover the bowl and leave it till the next day.

Drink one cup of the juice both in the morning and night before going to bed.

Health Benefits Of The Mixture:

1. This mixture help protect your body from aging fast.

2. The above mixture help get rid of cancer.

3. It break down foods in your gut, thereby boosting the digestive system. 

4. This mixture lowers your blood sugar levels.

5. It help increase insulin production.

6. It reduces the risk of heart disease also.

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Top Comments
MiztahSaj · 06/30/2020
when you say put the Lipton in the tiger nut!!! can you explain???
EkeifaP.O. · 06/30/2020
Is the the writer a pharmacist, doctor, nutritionist, or an herbalist ?
KwabreMacho · 07/20/2020
God bless you
GUEST_b4bVpjAgP · 07/9/2020
is amounted to Drug abuse

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