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Bandits kill cop, two pregnant women in Katsina communities

Olujire 06/26/2020

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In the two communities in Katsina, more than 100 companions from police-free Katsina communities were killed, five residents were killed, and another five, including two pregnant women, escaped death as a result of serious injuries.

Katsina State Police Command Officer Gambo Isah, who confirmed to Katsina journalists, said the three victims had lost their lives in Kanakulere and Kanawa villages.

He revealed that about sixty garbage men had attacked two people in the village of Katsina and started exploring to kill their victims.

"The bandits came to the village on foot without using motorcycles to commit the crime."

"The bandits were furious. This attracted soldiers sent to the village of Maidabina in both villages."

When the soldiers arrived quickly, the bandits fled to the villages, ”he said.

According to the PPRO, the command sent a mobile police response to provide greater protection to residents of both towns.

Isah has called on citizens of eight major local governments to provide important information about the activities of the bandits to the security guards who killed the bandits.

Source: opera.com
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