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Health is wealth: See the salt you should eat to stay healthy if you have any of these diseases

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Salt plays an important role in cooking. It takes dishes from bland taste to delicious state, suppresses bitterness, and helps preserve food. Technically all salt is sea salt—even table salt, which is mined from rock salt known as halite. We should know that all salts are not the same and therefore have different applications in the kitchen. For this reason, the following types of salt and their best applications, the one you can use in your health situation to stay well are highlighted. Firstly, I will explain the varieties of salts that are available for use in different types of cooking.

Sea Salt: Sea salt is harvested from evaporated sea water and it has varying degree of saltiness, depending on where it's harvested. It is better to taste this type of salt it before use. Sea salt also contains loads of minerals so it can have an intricate flavor, but since it's fine or medium grained, its best uses are in either savory or sweet recipes.

Table Salt: This is also known as iodized salt. Table salt has fine grains and contains potassium iodide as well as anti-caking agent that helps prevent it from clumping. Because of the characteristic metallic taste of this salt due to the added anti-caking agent, it is not desirable in large quantities, and it should not be used in savory recipes. It can be used where small quantities are needed e.g. baking.

Pickling salt: This salt is coarse in texture and contains no iodine, minerals, or caking agent. It is used only for pickling.

Kosher Salt: In terms of application, the easiest salt to use is the kosher salt. Its texture is light but coarse and it dissolves easily when used. Its coarseness helps to avoid over salting during cooking. It is a general purpose salt.

Flake Salt: This salt is harvested from evaporated sea water just like Celtic grey salt but its granular shape and texture are quite different. It has characteristic light, thin and irregularly shaped granules– mostly resembles pyramids. Flake salt has a low mineral content and a very bright taste and its best used as finishing salt in salads or chocolate chip cookies.

Himalayan salt: This consists of two types;

Himalayan Pink Salt: This is the purest of all salt and it is harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. Easily recognizable because of its pink color, this salt contains all 84 natural minerals found the human body.

Himalayan Black Salt: This salt is manufactured by cooking rock salt with charcoal, herb, seeds and bark in a furnace for 24 hours. It has a very distinctive flavor and smell and is often described as soft-boiled egg-like and is commonly used in vegan recipes to mimic the taste of eggs.

Smoked Salt: This salt is produced by cold smoking sea salt with wood that has strong flavor usually or up to two weeks. Its flavor and color varies according to the type of wood used and the duration of smoking. It is better for adding a smoky flavor to savory dishes like barbecue.

Hawaiian Salt: Like the Himalayan salt, there are two types of Hawaiian salt; the red and the red salts.

Red Hawaiian Salt: This is Sea salt that is mixed with iron oxide rich volcanic clay. Its flavor is described as nutty and it sharp red color makes it known for its earthy flavor and it is best for sprinkling on finished dishes.

The black Hawaiian salt: This salt is produced by adding activated charcoal to sea salt. The product of this process is recognized for its strong earthy flavor and it is best for sprinkling on finished dishes

Flower of Salt: This salt is harvested from evaporated sea water just like Celtic sea salt, but it is obtained specifically rom the coast of Brittany and it tastes and smell like sea water. It is a moist and sticky type of salt which allows the saltiness to linger in the tongue. It is best used as a finishing salt.

Celtic Grey Sea Salt: This salt is harvested from Atlantic tidal ponds off the coast of France. It is also referred to as grey salt. It grey color emanates from the minerals that are left behind after the sea water evaporates. It is best used as a finishing salt on roasted vegetables or grilled meat or sea food.

Generally, among the fine variety of salts, the healthiest forms of sea salt are the least refined ones with no added preservatives. this type of salt is usually clumped. The Pink Himalayan salt is regarded by Cooks as the healthiest salt due to its purity and loads of minerals. 

But, to lower your blood pressure, try as much as possible to avoid consumption of sodium containing salts like Sea salt, rock salt, natural salt, and the likes.

If you have any of these health issues or any of your loved ones are experiencing it and cannot do without the taste of salt, then it may be appropriate to use a low sodium alternative.

Sodium -replacement salts taste the same as normal table salt but use potassium instead of sodium as a key ingredient. In fact, they may help to lower blood pressure because of the helpful effects of potassium.

Unfortunately not everyone should consume sodium replacement alternatives. Individuals who have kidney disease or are people taking certain blood pressure medications, a large increase in potassium could be dangerous. It is important for individuals with any of these health issues to consult their doctor before using a sodium-replacement salt.

-No-sodium salts which include AlsoSalt, Morton salt Substitute, noSalt and Nu-Salt.

-Low-sodium salt which includes Morto Life Salt and Diamond Crystal Salt Sence.

Generally, studies suggest less than 2grams of salt for individuals with high blood pressure (hypertensive individuals), about 4grams for individuals with normal blood pressure (normotensive individuals) and at least 6grams ones with low blood pressure (hypotensive individuals).  View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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