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Why You Will Have to Wait Until July 1st Before You Can Travel From One State to Another in Nigeria

Uyije 06/29/2020

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According to an authority on website on economic issues, Nairametrics, It is confirmed that Nigerian's President Muhammadu Buhari has officially approved the extension of the second phase of the eased lockdown by another 4 weeks with effect from Tuesday, which is Tomorrow, June 30, 2020. And it will run until midnight of July 27, 2020. This was recommended by the Presidential task force on Covid-19 headed by the Secretary to the Federation, Boss Mustapha.

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On another note, and in answer to the anticipation of many, The Government has also given permission for interstate movement. This will abide by the curfew rule that is existing, starting from July 1st, 2020. It is the updates lockdown rule on interstate travel.

It is an interesting development and people can now freely move from state to state to do business and also attend to other needs.

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other aspects of the rules, like face masks, washing of hands, public gatherings, etc. still remains as it was.

So life goes on, welldone Nigeria.

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