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NCDC Take 10Days To Release My Friend's COVID-19 Test Result Which Came Out Positive - HENRY Okelue

SynicNews 06/29/2020

According to a tweet by HENRY Okelue, who shared his friend's COVID-19 test experience on his verified twitter page.

According to his tweet, he said the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) didn't release his friend's COVID-19 results until time until after 10 days which came out to be positive.

He tweeted...

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It took @NCDCgov 10 days to release the test result of my friend, who then tested positive for the coronavirus. That is unacceptable on so many grounds. It does not help the national response to containing COVID-19.

Apparently, Ayo Bankole @AyoBankole, Strategy Expert, said he had tweeted about how the NCDC took time to release test results which shouldn't take that long. As this could endanger more people who are around the case tested and the virus might be transmitted to another during the waiting period which the person might not be aware.

I Remember I wrote something exactly like this a few months ago and many said i was exaggerating, that tests don’t last that long. The way the testing & results cycle is done, many would have been infected before seeing results.

Another user, @slimking44 wants NCDC to release test results in 3 days.

This point is valid, Nigerians need to know on time, their status. If not they move around unknowingly spreading it. @NCDCgov test results should be available maximum of 3 days.

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