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This is the Reason Why Getting a Girlfriend in India is Very Difficult


Have you ever wondered why there are only few boy/girl relationships in India? I know a couple of us have watched a lot of Indian movies and you can agree with me that they hardly promote boy/girl relationships in their movies. They will rather display weddings and other India traditions. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

A typical India girl stays in her mothers house till when she is of age to marry. Their marriage is mostly arranged. The family of the lady discusses marriage terms with the family of the man and both come to an agreement for their daughter and son to marry.

There are so many things both family look out for when arranging marriages and the most important one is the family's reputation.

The interactions between a boy and a girl in India are mostly casual. Even though they talk, laugh and have fun sometimes, there are certain limits. Their interactions mostly end in their schools, place of works, markets etc.

An Indian family will frown at their daughter if she involves herself in a girl/boy relationship because this will reduce her chances of getting an arranged marriage and will also taint the family's reputation especially if she has other sisters.

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GloriaEzendiokwelu · 06/26/2020
no wonder cases of rape are so high there
+234-803707 · 06/26/2020
that's how it was in Africa n Nigerian in particular before the birth of so call civilization that make our lyouth ost shame with no for our culture n religion
JohnUka · 06/26/2020
fake news fake news
OyimEmelda · 06/26/2020
is not true, my uncle stays in India and his now married to an Indian lady. Mr poster say what u know

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