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OPINION: ASUU Doesn't Have The Interest Of Nigerian Students At Heart, FG Must Reopen Schools

Izuejiogu 06/29/2020

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), on Monday, kicked against the planned reopening of schools by the Federal Government of Nigeria due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the country.

Schools in Nigeria to reopen for exams.

ASUU calls It suicidal.

Government should not listen to ASUU on parents and students interest and reopening of schools.

ASUU was never interested in the welfare of students and their parents, but ONLY in the affairs of its members. It's good for Government to reopen schools on conditions and health guidelines.

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Some lecture halls in schools

I fully understand all of you, those in support and those against it. But many of you miss the point I raised. My point is that if government needs anyone's opinion, it shouldn't be ASUU's opinion, but parents. I know many Professors who don't have the interest of their students at heart.

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My position is that, if need be, government should consult the parents and the student union, but not ASUU for obvious reasons.

Federal government wants to reopen schools but ASUU doesn’t want it. 

Who should the students face?

What do you think of this new development?

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Top Comments
melodyWills · 07/1/2020
schools should remain closed till 2023
TheMedia · 06/30/2020
ASUU is not against reopening of schools but want government to put all necessary things in place before opening the schools knowing fully well that government mostly talked and never implement what they said they will do. Nigeria should continue to misunderstood ASUU to their detriments
Naf'abs · 06/29/2020
M opinion, let d students resume. FG and their parents should take full responsibility of there lectures including practicals!

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