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Signs you are always on his mind

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  1. He supports your decisions – He’s going to support your decisions, that’s how you’ll know he secretly loves you and values your opinions. When your man unconditionally loves you, he would go out of his comfort zones to please you an will do anything just to see that you are happy.
  2. He includes you in conversations – Even the ones you don’t particularly want to be in, you are included in them. This is a sign that you are on his mind day in day out, that's why you are always involved in his conversations
  3. He’s protective – He always has to know you got home after you’ve been out, it’s just in his nature to check up on you. He doesn't play with your safety at all. As he always guides your decisions towards your safety. Being protective is one of the attributes of a man that truly loves you and want you safe.
  4. He has big dreams – Not everyone wants to get married and have children, but when a guy shares his dreams and aspirations with you (and you’re in them!) then you can be sure he loves you. Guys don't joke with that children topic as they will never talk to you about them if they ain't sure about their future with you.
Source: opera.com
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