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“I’m Scared Right Now” - See What I Found Inside The Ceiling Of A Newly Rented Apartment (photos)

MarioThePlug 06/25/2020

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As a new alumni from the Ogun State University and an ex-corper, the time had come to confront reality, away from my folks, and ust like Abraham in the Bible did: moved out of his dad's home, I did as well. While I was in my finale phase of my administration year, I was watching out for a loft and I discovered one. 

At long last, I found a moderate independent condo at Oshodi in Lagos State and I was stunned at what I found in that ceiling. At the point when I told the landlord of what I saw, he instructed me not to touch or even remove it.

It seemed like an immeasurably significant issue. I won't lie, I was somewhat terrified yet it was the least expensive condo I could manage. I asked some neighbor what it was and they revealed to me that it was a masquerade garment. 

Something else I understood was that carry out sort of rituals in the compound. A few days ago, I saw a few men singing a Yoruba songs in the compound. I'm a Christain and I don't have confidence in things like that yet I feel awkward.

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Please i need an advice because I don’t have money to move to another house.

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Top Comments
FeliciaEnaigbemu · 06/27/2020
Must you accept to stay there.? It's your choice if you decide to stay otherwise he should refund your money. Darkness and light do not stay together. Its simple. If he wouldn't refund your money report to your pastor and work with his advise
IfeanyichukwuEnukora · 06/26/2020
If your faith is strong enough to wait on God and battle it with fasting and praying, God may through you lead the landlord to Christ. Otherwise pack out and forgo the money you have paid. God bless you as listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
patablog · 06/25/2020

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