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Cursed Horror Movie Kills 56 People: Was Banned and Brought back Years Later

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In 1988, the original version of this movie was playing in a theatre. The theatre caught on fire and killed 56 viewers along with it. After that, the film was pronounced cursed and therefore banned. Fast forward to a few years later, a tape of it was found and a few film makers decided to reintroduce to the world seeing as now people can watch movies in their own privacy.

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Before the movie begins, there are few minutes dedicated to warning the viewer about what happened in the past and how cursed it is. A few people after watching it took to their social media platforms to confirm that indeed the movie is cursed and were witnesses, further more warning other people not to watch it.

The visuals of the movie gives off an eerie feeling of being watched by demons and has terrifying images and scenes as people claim. Watching it would have a long lasting effect on you and it wouldn't be good.

The young boy in the movie whispers incantations from a book dedicated to the devil occasionally and it's really frightening to listen to. There are ominous and devilish scenes that would rattle your bones.

As of the moment, people are not sure how safe it is to watch it yet.

How strong is your faith in God? Are you strong enough to watch it? Don't watch this movie if you love your life, unless of course you're a devoted man of God.

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Houfagirl · 07/12/2020
I'll go watch it,I love horror movies

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